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Entrada Especial: El Proyecto Seiya CR # 1 - Pachinko game


Prepare your cloth and cosmo, the update is coming in no time when this entry gets updated.

Stick around for exciting images and news.

Burn your cosmo baby!

Let's start with a NEW SCENE NEW ANIMATION from the CR SEIYA.

A new battle movie animation against Gemini Gold Saint Saga.

Dragon can't handle the power of the gold saint!
Tons of messages were about "told me more about Saga!" may the Gemini Cloth protect us!
Cygnus and Andromeda after the battles against Aquarius and Pisces.
The love is always in Saint Seiya, the border between To Kill or To Love.
Seiya vs Saga in Pope's room. I am not over today, stay connected to the plug.
Now some information, for all those Seiya fans around the world concerned about the Sanyo DVDs in auction and paying tons of yens, let me tell you the DVD is the Promotion Video one, including exactly the same video uploaded here. More photos coming up next.

Another question I had to read bazillion times, who made this? Toei Animation.
In this game in the new animation and scenes there also appear the Unicorn Saint and the Black Saints.
Here is the scene in Sagittarius temple when the Gold Saint tells the Bronze Saints to protect Athena.
Another favorite for today is no other than Shaka the Virgo Gold Saint, it is interesting because the game chances do change when he opens his eyes, a really interactive game scenario.
Keep burning your cosmo!

Also, this new CR SAINT SEIYA game includes Animation scenes and CG scenes, not that related to the CG Animation movie announced by Toei Animation.

Check the updates every time, you never know what you can get.

I strongly recommend to read the coming sasshi's entry, read it carefully ...

Are you ready?

Want more?

How about Pisces Gold Saint and his Bloody Roses?

Pegasus Rolling Crash!
Just another thing, most of the secondary characters appear in this game, most of them just as image, but please notice the animation scenes open doing a certain combination of score, remember the game has also CG animation.

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